Summer Breeze

Pastel, 9"x12"

Rolling In

Pastel, 12"x18" SOLD

Safe In Harbor

Pastel, 8"x10"

Sailing Around Tuxis Island

Oil, 12x18" SOLD

Morning Glory

Pastel, 12"x18" NFS


Pastel, 11"x14"

Pond Lilies

Pastel, 8"x10"

Storm Rising

Pastel, 9"x12"

Clinton Harbor Tide Changing

Pastel, 12"x16" SOLD

Beach Roses Mercy Center

Pastel, 9" x 12" SOLD

Quiet Cove


Summer Dunes

Pastel. 12x16" SOLD

Kayaks Leetes Island

Oil, 12" x 18" SOLD

Clinton Beach Fall

Pastel, 12"x18"

Around The Bend

Pastel, 9"x12" SOLD

Chatham Marsh

Pastel, 12"x16"

A Fine Time For Sailing

Pastel, 9"x12" SOLD

Harkness Meigs Point Fall

Pastel, 12"x16" Sale Pending

Around the Bend

Pastel, 12"x!6"

Beach Plums at Chatham

Pastel 12"x9" SOLD